Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I spent last night at a friend's house and got really drunk and screamed and shouted when the new year came and made new friends and laughed and got really baked and passed out at like 5:00am. It was definitely my best New Year's yet. Today was an adventure with Bobbi and Clayton. McDonald's, Taco Bell, Subway, matching bowls with some random ass kids who we ran into at Taco Bell, going to my house and watching Edward Scissorhands, and so much more. By the way, GREAT movie. It was adorable. New favorite.

So I'm almost positive I freaked out over nothing the other day. Because I think there are two Clintons in Simi. Isn't that terrific? So now I made drama that I didn't even need! Thanks, friend. Ugh. Whatever. Life goes on, right? It's a new year! Let's turn over a new leaf. Shall we?

I want to write an extremely deep blog right now but I'm sooo tired.

Captain Morgan (can you believe it?!), Bacardi Grandmelon, and Bud Light.
Haven't been that drunk in a while.

This year better be a good one. "Or what?" Or nothing. I'm just greedy :]

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