Friday, January 9, 2009

you'll think of me

I didn't even realize it till just now, but I'm up to 50 posts. Well, this will make it 51, but still! Woooooooooo! I am excited that I hit 50.

My mom was out till like 3am last night, 'cause she drank too much. After she told me she'd be home at midnight. So I told her that 3am was my new curfew, and I said "watch me, I'll stay out till 3, you just watch, Mom." Hahaha. She just gave me this smile. I love her.

I didn't even go out last night. I was soooo tired. I fell asleep on the couch. Earlier last night though, like at 8 something, Justin and Kyle came over and we just kinda chilled and talked for a bit. Then they left 'cause Justin had to be home by 9, and I made mac & cheese and finished watcing One Tree Hill.

I am not excited to write this response paper. But I refuse to put it off till the last minute. Mrs. Birckhead better let me into the Body Fitness Lab! It would help me and my family out.

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