Wednesday, November 19, 2008

wherever we may go

Whenever I am at my grandma's house, I drink Pepsi. Well, if she has it in her fridge. But even if she had Coke, too, I would choose the Pepsi. Because it is a memory. When I was little, I always drank Pepsi at my grandma's house. Now I'm kind of craving a Pepsi. But I will only drink it there, or if a restaurant doesn't have Coke or Dr.Pepper.

I'm going to be late again, but tomorrow, Ryan is going to pick me up and we're gonna go to school together! That is exciting! I wanted this blog to be longer but I don't have time. I'm not even done getting ready! So I best be going. Have a great day, everyone! Though I'm sure it's too late to say that since everyone is probably at school by now. Oh well.

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