Wednesday, November 19, 2008

it's a love story, baby just say yes

Today, I almost got a ticket for jaywalking. Good thing I got on the bus before the cop got to me. I hope no one else got tickets! But I'm pretty sure at least David did. That sucks! Blah. I still have to do the dishes. But honestly, I am way too hungry right now. I think I might make the second half of the mac & cheese. Yummy! On another note, this drama is bullshit. Yelling "Slut!" to me after school is uncalled for. If shit like that keeps happening, I'm going to confront someone about it. And if it continues after that, I just might blow up.

One thing I learned today...just because someone isn't talking to you as much, doesn't mean they've forgotten about you. Maybe they've just been really busy. Keep your head up! I know I'm trying to.


karenpayton said...

It's weird but this sounds like something I would have written. I've had love story stuck in my head all day, and what you put at the end totally applies to my situation. haha so yeah. :)

janaerhianna said...

haha yeah i thought this guy i'm kinda interested in like changed his mind about wanting me, and so i sent him a message saying "you're confusing." and he apologized and said he can understand why i'd be confused and that he's just been really busy. then he asked how i was. so i'm doing okay now :] what's your situation?

Maddison Kane said...

Maybe there's a reason people think that about you. Everyone can't be wrong.