Sunday, November 16, 2008

i'll do whatever it takes

to turn this around
i know what's at stake
i know that i've let you down
and if you give me a chance
believe that i can change
i'll keep us together
whatever it takes

I spend so much time thinking about life and what our purpose on Earth is and how things exist. And honestly, music is the only thing that makes sense anymore. I thrive for happiness and love and finding the deeper meaning to all of this, whatever this is.

Question of the Day: What if death is the ultimate time travel?

I want to zoom through the next month. My parents' divorce, my interview for the hs@mc, and school. I just want the big changes to happen already. I don't want to endure them slowly.

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Lindsay said...

awh thanks :)
that really means alot to me, and im here too if you need to talk