Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March horoscope from Michael Lutin

"Amid the noise and bustle of your worldly life, you are strangely not part of it. It’s almost as if you are watching a movie, even taking part in the action and yet you are not really there. And you certainly have responsibilities you have to meet, people who expect you to show up and be present for their needs and demands and actively participate in the trivial affairs of this world, when your heart, mind and soul are somewhere else. To say you are distracted is an understatement, although that doesn’t mean you are not making a valiant attempt to be a part of the moving, flowing insane stream of human affairs. Oddly, however, you are elsewhere. You are dealing with matters that require you to be off by yourself, not necessarily in another world, but away from the cacophanous nerve-jangling madness that defines so much of our existence. You’ve got so much going on inside that few people if any know about. You put up a good front but with so many planets churning around in your solar twelfth house, one of them being Neptune, your planetary ruler, you need your moments of private meditation to attempt to work out extremely complicated emotional riddles that simply do not have a simple solution. So you can’t be totally present, mainly because people just wouldn’t understand. They would make their judgments and give you advice and prescriptions how to handle the deal. Right now as much as you may seek that sort of support, you can’t really listen very long to anybody. How could you when you are in the process of exploding?"


It seems I have more soul-searching to do this month. Alrighty!

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