Sunday, March 1, 2009

i wanna be forgotten

but i don't wanna be reminded

1. I have so many great memories, but the feelings attached to them are some of the worst feelings I've ever felt. It is impossible not to be reminded of you. The littlest things spark a thought in my mind, an old memory, one good day among many amazing ones. All I can think about anymore is how much I wish I could go back, and how I will never be able to. Things leave, people leave, and life doesn't stop for anybody. I will never forget you, but I need to forever let you go. I am trying with every inch of strength I have, but it's hard. One of the toughest things I've ever tried to do, and had to do.

2. I was so unsure of everything earlier today, and seeing you just now cleared so many of my cloudy thoughts from the sky that is my mind. Maybe I still don't know exactly what I want, but I at least know are amazing. Don't ever forget that, babe.

3. You are a truly great guy. I may not know you as well as your family and friends do, but I can see it in you. You are an all around great person. I adore you, I really do.....but the thing is, there are too many cons with our situation. And you deserve a talented, beautiful (on the inside and out), kind virgin. It's the truth.

4. I know that you originally didn't really want me to go today, but I hope we are friends. We are in my opinion, but I don't know about yours.

5. I wish you didn't like me so much. You're a great friend to me, but you don't deserve the pain that you already know is going to come. You will make some girl very happy one day.

P.S. Epiphany! The day you can say you have moved on, is the day you realize the reason behind something bad that happened to you. I hope whoever reads that understands it.

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MissGemini said...

"Things leave, people leave, and life doesn't stop for anybody."

I love that line soo much. It couldn't be more true.

and I really am trying to understand the end, could you elaborate for me?