Monday, October 20, 2008

i'm dying for a place in your heart

i'm trying out a new blog site.
i never seem to keep up with blogging,
especially when i say i will.
so i'm not gonna say "this time, for real,"
because i don't know that i'll keep my promise.

today was okay, i guess.
got to school late yet again.
watched movies in my first two classes.
p.e. was cool and i hit the ball on my first try! (softball)
french was, well, french.
madame rossy annoys the shit outta me sometimes.
her and her stupid little songs.
lunch was fun. i love nicole.
geometry was very very boring.
and bio was okay in the end.
i wish i still sat next to laura, though!!
afterschool i came home and made some mac & cheese.
after i ate it, i passed out on the couch.

taco tuesday is tomorrow.
i can't decide yet if i'm excited or not.

i should probably go take a shower now.

(don't worry, not all my blogs will be boring like this)

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