Tuesday, May 5, 2009

you were the sun

i was the one who worshipped you

Went to my first baseball game tonight. 2nd row box seats. LA Dodgers vs. AZ Diamondbacks. Had two Dodger dogs, screamed, jumped, and danced a lot. Picked a favorite because Tiffany and Avalon told me to. Picked Loney. After the 8th inning, helper guy told us that after Loney and some guy from the other team were done throwing the ball, Loney was gonna throw it in our direction so to jump and yell his name a lot. Did as he said. Loney looked right at me and threw it towards me/us. Went the row behind us. Tiffany's dad was sitting there (by then we had moved over and up a row) and it bounced off his hand, hit Tiffany's head, fell on the floor, and I picked it up and started jumping and screaming. I got on the screen! Made my entire night. Amazing amazing amazing. I just need an autograph now. Next time, huh? :)

I love you, Mitzi. I miss your whine, babygirl.

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